Do you do commissions/sketches?

Yes, though currently only at conventions, please see my BLOG for details on how I handle my sketch list at appearances.

What are you appearing at?

I have a full listing of all my appearances at my BLOG. I almost always attend Emerald City Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, and New York Comic Con, plus a selection of other shows and signings all over the world.

What are you working on?

The second year of Adventureman (issues 5-9), the creator owned book by Matt Fraction, Rachel Dodson and me from IMAGE Comics, returning in 2021. Also, I’m doing 1 or 2 covers a month. For a full listing of all my current and future projects, please visit my BLOG which I update weekly. Adventureman will be available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German by November 2021.

Do you sign comics?

Yes, I sign basically anything you want signed at all my appearances.

Do you sell original artwork?

Yes, if you are interested in something, please email through the CONTACT link.

How can I hire you?

Please email through my CONTACT link.

Where is the next Red One?

We will return to Red One after Adventureman! is completed. There is a new two page Red One in the Glénat 50 ans book available now.

Is Rachel Dodson your sister, wife, what?

Rachel is both my regular inker and my wife.