Do you do commissions/sketches?

Yes, though currently only at conventions, please see my BLOG for details on how I handle my sketch list at appearances.

What are you appearing at?

I have a full listing of all my appearances at my BLOG. I almost always attend Emerald City Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, and New York Comic Con, plus a selection of other shows and signings all over the world.

What are you working on?

Adventureman!, the creator owned book by Matt Fraction, Rachel Dodson and me, which will launching in early 2020. Also, I’m doing 4 or 5 covers a month. For a full listing of all my current and future projects, please visit my BLOG which I update weekly.

Do you sign comics?

Yes, I sign basically anything you want signed at all my appearances.

Do you sell original artwork?

Yes, if you are interested in something, please email through the CONTACT link.

How can I hire you?

Please email through my CONTACT link.

Where is the next Red One?

We will return to Red One after Adventureman! is completed. There is a new two page Red One in the Glénat 50 ans book available now.

Is Rachel Dodson your sister, wife, what?

Rachel is both my regular inker and my wife.